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Real reason Thatcher tried to ban acid house parties revealed


Recently surfaced documents reveal the real reasons behind the war waged against acid house raves in the 1980s.

This article originally appeared on Sky News

Huge outdoor acid house parties were held across the UK in the late 1980s

Officials feared the rise in dance music culture - but were more worried about noise nuisance than the use of illegal drugs.

Margaret Thatcher tried to stop the "new fashion" of acid house parties after an all-night rave shattered the tranquillity of a Tory MP's uncle, newly released official papers show.

The Prime Minister asked to be briefed on what powers the police had to control the parties and months later legislation was introduced to tackle unlicensed gatherings.

However, she was warned by then Scotland Secretary Malcolm Rifkind that proposed laws should not affect "innocent events" such as barn dances.

Mrs Thatcher was alerted to the burgeoning rave culture after a party held in Bentley, Hampshire, in August 1989...

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