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EDM.com Spotlight

After the Ultra Miami Reunion, Pendulum Finally Reveals 2017 Plans

After forming in 2002, Australian electronic rock outfit Pendulum solidified their sovereignty in 2005 with their critically acclaimed debut studio album Hold Your Colour.

Two succeeding studio albums and nine years later, it was believed after a comment in a 2014 Reddit AMA that the band might never perform or release new music again.

Pendulum surprised fans, however, by making their official return as a live act on March 20, 2016 with an electrifying reunion set at the flagship Ultra Music Festival event in Miami.

An elusive post to the Pendulum Facebook page on December 16, 2016 hinted at news to come for the first time since the Ultra performance.

Then, on Christmas Eve, drummer KJ Sawka finally confirmed what fans thought just a couple of years ago they could only dream of... a 2017 Pendulum tour.

The Electric Forest lineup announcement previously revealed that Pendulum is scheduled to perform at weekend one of the festival, but additional dates or ticket information have yet to be confirmed.