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What's It Like Trying to Curate the Whole of Bandcamp?


Bandcamp is a platform that has been successful in helping to break new artists and bands with it's ability to let artists set the price for their work. But what's it like to curate the site? Tonedeaf's Laura Kebby talks with Bandcamp's chief curator Andrew Jervis

This article originally appeared on Tone Deaf

Bandcamp, a name now so synonymous with music lovers across the globe. As both a company and an entity, Bandcamp has placed the power of commercialism within the music industry back into the hands of the artists and independent labels, delivering incredible music straight to your ears and doorsteps.

But where did it all begin? During the recent Face The Music conference in Melbourne, we had the opportunity to chat with chief curator Andrew Jervis, to find out about where Bandcamp began, where it’s headed, and why passion and music really do go hand in hand.

Andrew has been involved with Bandcamp for going on close to four years now, sifting through the endless stream of uploads from across the world, snatching up the best bits, and he tells us they’re a plenty. It’s hard to believe, but Bandcamp was not the brainchild of a large corporation or company.

“It was just four guys sitting in the local library using the free wifi, that’s how Bandcamp started”. An organisation which has now rapidly expanded and Andrew proudly explains he was the 13th edition to the company.

Andrew is obviously a very passionate music fan, but where did this passion and drive stem from? “Honestly, I’ve always been that slightly annoying, slightly bossy person who always wanted to control what music was playing at any given time.

“I grew up with very musical parents, my parents were both opera singers, they had a little opera company that they ran, and my brother and I would be driven around in the back of the car on family trips and we were given the choice. We could listen to opera or we could listen to Queen’s greatest hits… It was always Queen’s greatest hits”.

But what of making that step from where all of us have sat at one point or another, glued to our phones or computers, with hands wrapped around our headphones, discovering and hunting down new music. This transition, as Andrew explains, seemed to happen to him, rather than a consciously mapped out or projected journey towards a dream job.


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