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How to Talk to Your Kids About Euphoric Trance


Trance is receiving its second wind as the genre finds its fanbase with a new audience.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac

Trance has recently found itself a new spiritual home. When tickets swiftly sold out within hours last year for the debut of the all-trance Dreamstate festival in Los Angeles, it was a milestone for both the US trance scene and the global #trancefamily community.

However, this extends well beyond just one festival, as evidenced by the number of European trance DJs defecting to the US. “Probably 75 percent of my gigs are here in the US,” Irish expat Simon Patterson told Beatport from his adopted hometown of Miami last year.

“It was a few years before all those big trance records in ‘99… I was looking for that particular sound, and Tijs [Verwest, aka Tiësto] knew how to pick out those exact records from the shipment that came in and say, ‘Hey Ferry, I think you’ll like this, this, this and this.’”


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