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Deadmau5: The Full NME Cover Interview


For the NME cover story, reporter Joe Madden visits Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 at his Canadian mansion to talk about everything from his new album and his twitter tirades to the artists that make him insecure and why he makes music for his peers and not his fans.

This article originally appeared on NME

Matt Barnes

Enter the world of Canadian dance-music superstar Joel 'deadmau5' Zimmerman. You will find: a $5m mansion, a stuffed two-headed calf and a complete disregard for his new album 'W:/2016ALBUM/'. Joe Madden takes the tour "So, like, you just wanna f**kin'… talk?"

I’ve arrived for my mid-afternoon appointment at the secluded mansion of Canadian dance-music superstar Joel 'deadmau5' Zimmerman, and he is not pleased to see me. Not only is he wildly unenthusiastic about being interviewed, he apparently finds the very concept deeply unsavoury.

"So do you do this a lot?" he grimaces, baffled, as if my line of work falls somewhere between sex pest and puppy abuser. He’s walking away now; I gingerly follow him in. "This is something you do regularly? So what, you need to follow me around, or…?" Well, we could do that, I offer, or we could sit and talk for a bit?

"A 'bit'?" Well, y'know, for 20 minutes, for a couple of hours – whatever you want, Joel. "Well, I don’t want to do this at all," he scowls, turning to reveal a truly pained expression. "OK, well…" – shrug, eye-roll, exasperated sigh – "let’s f**kin’ sit down then, I guess." Oh-kaaay.

I was, of course, braced for this. deadmau5’s fearsome way with journalists is the stuff of legend – the few interviews he does give usually crash and burn inside 60 seconds...

...Read the full interview at nme.com/features/deadmau5-interview-201...

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