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Nightclubs to offer free drug-testing booths to check purity of cocaine and MDMA


Nightclubs in Preston of Lancashire, England will start to offer free drug-testing in hopes of reducing drug-related hospitalizations and deaths. Read the full article for details on the legality of the operation, which is backed by Lancashire police.

This article originally appeared on The Independent

Drug-related deaths have soared to the highest level since records began, with the vast majority resulting from accidental poisoning

Nightclubs in Preston are to offer free drug testing to people who want to know if their Class A substances are pure.

The walk-in booths, run by a charity, will aim to reduce drug-related deaths by checking cocaine and MDMA are not “adulterated or highly potent”.

Lancashire police have reportedly said they are backing the scheme, which will operate in the city centre on Friday and Saturday nights from the beginning of next year...

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