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Martin Garrix is the Happiest Superstar DJ in EDM


Molly Lambert of MTV News chats with perma-grin faced DJ Martin Garrix on what it's like being the worlds #1 DJ.

This article originally appeared on MTV.com

When you walk into the the MGM Grand, the first thing you notice is the sillage of cigarette smoke and chlorine, conjuring classic Las Vegas sleaze in the best way.

The lobby is filled with tourists whose expectations for the Vegas experience were formed by Hollywood: They have come here expecting glamour, money, sex, and a tinge of atomic-age paranoia — the urgent desperation of chasing a pleasurable high into the night, and a cool, softly lit place to recover late into the next day. As if out of nowhere, Martin Garrix suddenly appears. Fresh-faced and beaming, he is wearing a long black tunic-style shirt and slightly resembles Zac Efron, or a boy priest. Martin hugs me hello. He hugs everyone hello. His friends call him “Marty.” The 20-year-old Dutch EDM superstar is here to headline a Las Vegas superclub in which he is too young to drink or gamble. He resembles a human smiley-face emoji, the personification of PLUR.


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