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Martin Solveig on New Single 'Places' & Returning to House Music


Martin Solveig isn't cynical about dance music. The "Hello" star has plenty to be thankful for in the dance music scene in this feature from Billboard.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Speculation about the future of the big-tent electronic music scene is a popular topic these days, but where some people see storm clouds, the French DJ/producer Martin Solveig -- known for the single "Hello," certified gold in the U.S., and for wide-ranging collaborations with the veteran soul singer Lee Fieldsand the rising production duo GTA -- sees a landscape rich with opportunity.

"I'm very happy about this era of dance music," he tells Billboard Dance. Solveig, fresh off the plane from Miami, is sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Soho, waiting for the pressure in his ears to return to normal. "The years 2013, 2014 had been a little bit narrow in the genres that were in the spotlight," he continues. "In 2015, it exploded in every direction. Now it's a really wide and vivid scene that we have."


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