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Mat Zo Drops Reimagined Remix of Porter & Madeon's "Shelter" [LISTEN]

Earlier this week Mat Zo released a remix to Porter Robinson & Madeon’s latest collab, "Shelter".

This original song was already super popular – so much so that it even had an entire tour named after it – but Mat Zo just brought it back to life with this new rendition. Adding new little beats with shakers and bongos to the intro, Mat Zo puts his own funky/tropical style into the first drop. Oh, and let me just say, the second drop is amazing. It builds up with heavy drums and drops into a psychedelic mix that sounds like Porter Robinson, and Les Paul had a jam sesh together. The song wraps up on a light and airy note with the final lyrics to the original “Shelter” song.

This remix isn’t the first time Mat Zo and Porter Robinson have worked together. Back in 2013, these two artists worked together to create a song titled “Easy”, which was released as a single under Ministry of Sound. After it’s release, it quickly jumped to number 28 on the UK Singles Chart. You can hear this song on Mat Zo’s album titled Damage Control under the different name “EZ” for inclusion on his album. This song can also be heard playing at Madeon and Porter Robinson’s Shelter Tour, or any other live or DJ set performed by Porter himself. If you’re a fan of their collaborations, be sure to check out the solo work from these phenomenal artists. All of them have their own unique styles, which when mixed together, are a force to be reckoned with!

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