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Deadmau5 on Why EDM Is Finished, Learning to Love His New Album


In honor of his new album, deadmau5 agrees to a Skype interview with Rolling Stone's Ashley Zlatopolsky to discuss everything from the new LP and his favorite tracks from the album to his beef with marshmello to his mau5 helmet both alleviating and contributing to anxiety. He even admits to being one of the individuals responsible for EDM's crash and burn, as deadmau5 puts it.

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone

Deadmau5 discusses his changing perspectives on his new LP, the hazards of live performance and why EDM has run its course. Matt Barnes

Skyping from his home studio in the countryside near Toronto, where he recently moved from the city, Deadmau5 is taking a break from sorting fan mail. There's an entire truckload because the post office lost six months' worth of mail during the move. "I thought people didn't give a shit anymore," the electronic-music producer says with a laugh, taking a drag from his cigarette. His girlfriend brings him a cup of coffee with freshly made chicken fingers, and Joel Zimmerman, the flannel-wearing 35-year-old behind the mouse helmet, seems perfectly content in the role of a domesticated homeowner.

Last week, the six-time Grammy nominee released his sixth studio album W:/2016ALBUM/, his first as an independent artist via his own label, Mau5trap, which launched in 2007. Best known for giant dance music hits like "Ghosts 'n' Stuff," "Strobe" and "I Remember," Deadmau5 has tried his hand at everything from progressive house to warm atmospherics to the minimal end of the electronic spectrum.

W:/2016ALBUM/, "which is more of a compilation," he says, sees Deadmau5 tackling all of these styles. But he hasn't been thrilled with the end result. Last month, he voiced his concerns on Twitter – "I don't even like it," he wrote – explaining that the album was "rushed" and "slapped together." He spoke to Rolling Stone about his changing perceptions of the LP, life in the country, anxiety, his mouse helmet and the downfall of EDM.

You wrote on Twitter that you didn't like the album. What happened?

I'm not supposed to talk about that. Orders from above...

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