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SFX Entertainment Comes Roaring Back to Life


SFX has now emerged from the ashes with a new balance sheet and a new CEO to bring back electronic music to the masses.

This article originally appeared on New York Post

SFX Entertainment, the electronic dance-music company that went bust in February, is back with a new name, a new CEO and a spanking- new balance sheet.

The company, which went public in October 2013 as an ambitious roll-up by founder and former boss Bob Sillerman, has changed its name to LiveStyle Inc. and made AEG veteran Randy Phillips its new chief executive.

Its balance sheet, thanks to its quick spin through Chapter 11, doesn’t have a dollar of debt.

“A lot of rock ‘n’ roll these days sounds like electronic dance music — but it’s really just electronic music,” Phillips said, trying to distance his company and the niches from EDM and move them closer to simply EM.


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