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Carl Cox Reflects on 15 Years at Space Ibiza, Turns Attention to Motorsports & Intec Records


After an era ends, Billboard's Kat Bein speaks with Carl Cox - the king of Ibiza - about his 15 years of playing a residency at one of dance music's most iconic clubs.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

David Wolff - Patrick/Getty Images
Carl Cox photographed on May 14, 2011 in Paris.

Where is the living epicenter of house music? Is it Ibiza's white shores, New York's underground? Or is it Carl Cox's triple-car garage in Melbourne, Australia, where two vehicles and more than 150,000 pieces of era-spanning, genre-defining, game-changing vinyl reside?

“I can walk in there now, grab a pile of records, pull them out, play them and go 'my god, I forgot that one,' or, 'Jesus, that was really futuristic,'” he says. “I can't remember all the records that I've bought. There's a lot of promos I've gotten sent over the years as well, but there's a library of music that I have that's extensive beyond belief...

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