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EDM.com Spotlight

New Supergroup Pellican Child Takes Flight with Debut Single [LISTEN]

Chicago based breakout artists Louis the Child cap off an impressive 2016 with news of an intriguing new side project.

Teaming up with New Orleans rapper Pell, the trio have combined to form a promising new supergroup. Dubbing themselves Pellican Child, the newly formed trio is sparing no time in showing us what they're all about.

The hybrid group's debut single "Turn Me Down" successfully combines all of the strongpoints these individual artists have to offer. Louis the Child with a catchy, laid-back instrumental creates the perfect contrast to Pell's strong vocal presence.

Each of these artists have demonstrated a knack for memorable songwriting, and their combined synergy is evident in "Turn Me Down." Needless to say, we're excited to hear more of what will come from this partnership. Check out their new collaboration here and stay tuned for more Pellican Child to come in 2017.