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Why Does Radio Suck? A New Lawsuit Explains Why


Commerical AM/FM radio has been suffering a slow a terrible demise for the past decade, and yet continues to play a large role in breaking new artists. How did radio become all about ad revenue and rating and less about the music?

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Thankfully, there are now plenty of alternatives. But back in the day, people were basically stuck with either (a) their CD collections or (b) crappy AM/FM radio for music enjoyment. And option (b) really, really sucked.

Actually, it still completely sucks. Stations play the same 17 songs. The ads go on forever. The deejays use schlocky voices that segue into Chevy ads.

So who’s still listening to this crap?

Actually, millions of Americans, in every major market. I guess there are millions across Europe and Asia as well. And despite endless predictions of its armageddon, traditional radio somehow survived. In fact, it’s still a major player in the car, where a giant percentage of music listening occurs.

This isn’t imaginary. A recent research report showed that traditional, ‘terrestrial’ radio is still holding its own, despite raging competition from podcasts, satellite radio, on-demand streaming services, and online radio services like Pandora. Technology sometimes moves slower than we realize. And people love the ‘turn it on’ convenience, and the price (i.e., $0).

All of which means that traditional, AM/FM radio still has a ton of influence over what people listen to. And, subsequently download, stream, or purchase as CDs (yeah, those still earn billions in revenue annually).


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