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Even in a Blizzard Deadmau5 Brings the Fire [VIDEO]

Among the crazy assortment of festivities surrounding the X Games in Aspen, CO this past weekend was a performance by Deadmau5 - but mother nature didn't make it easy for fans to catch his show.

There was intense snowfall leading up to and through his set. Fortunately fans mostly came prepared for the conditions, and there was a solid crowd rocking out to his set. There were even some Mau5 heads in the crowd - this was maybe the first time a die hard fan with a Mau5 head helmet would be helpful for the extra insulation, after always sweating in the middle of a hot dancefloor.

Check out the video below.

Deadmau5 at X Games Aspen 2016 - ESPN Video

Image: Mixjunkies


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