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One of Skrillex's Most Unique Collabs Yet Hits the Internet [LISTEN]

After unleashing two new collaborations on OWSLA's Worldwide Broadcast with MUST DIE! and Team EZY on Friday, Skrillex is already back with his third collaboration of 2016. Fans can now hear Sonny's work with K-pop group 4minute, as the their seventh EP Act.7 releases Monday and hits YouTube.

Titled "Hate" and telling the story of a looming breakup, their collaboration is the leading track on 4minute's new EP.

"We worked on a few songs with Skrillex, but this is the one that stuck with us, and that’s why it‘s our lead track," said Gayoon of 4minute.

As The Korea Herald reported, the five members of the girl group realize that the song may not be well-received by everyone being such a drastic departure from their usual sound.

"Our parents were the first to hear it, and they found it a bit difficult," said Jiyoon.

"We were ambitious with this track. At the beginning of the song, people might think it doesn‘t sound like a 4minute song, but towards the middle they’ll feel it‘s familiar," said Hyuna.

Give it a listen from 0:00 to 3:36 in the video below, and tell us what you think.

Which 2016 Skrillex collaboration do you think is the best - MUST DIE!, Team EZY or 4minute?

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