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EDM.com Spotlight

Top 5 International Destinations for Dance Music Fans

Travel blogger Drew Goldberg aka The Hungry Partier raved in more than 75 countries. Now, he's sharing with fans what he learned. Goldberg recently named his top five international destinations for raving on Insomniac.com.

1. South Korea

Goldberg spent two years living and teaching English in Seoul, arguably home to one of the biggest dance music scenes in all of Asia. Some of the city's top nightclubs include Octagon, Ellui, Syndrome, Mass and Answer.

"Korean people are lively and energetic, and they know how to get down better than any other culture I’ve ever seen... And just wait until you see how they dance; it’ll blow your mind!"

2. Philippines

Cities like Manila and Cebu have burgeoning dance music scenes that have made the Philippines a bucket list destination for any dedicated raver. Hot party spots include Valkerie, House of Manila, Pool Club and Chaos.

"The nightclubs in Manila are some of the biggest, most luxurious and impressive that I’ve ever been to in my life, which is why they have big-name DJs swinging into town on a weekly basis."

3. Netherlands

Laying claim to some of the biggest producers and festivals in dance music, the Netherlands is regarded as Europe's king of dance music. With festivals like Amsterdam Dance Event and Sensation and clubs like Paradiso, Club NL, Bitterzoet and Chicago Social Club, the Netherlands reigns strong as a top destination for dance music fans.

"The thing I love most about Amsterdam is that you can find all subgenres of dance music here, ranging from groovy deep house to tech trance to new-age trap music."

4. India

Goa boasts some of the most epic beach raves while Mumbai's nightlife is always popping thanks to clubs like Blue Frog, Royalty, Trilogy, Tryst and Hype.

"Their psychedelic trance game is out-of-this-world awesome, and it’s worth a visit even if you aren’t a fan of that style of music."

5. Sweden

Debatably one of the biggest hubs for house music, Sweden is famous for crazy clubs including Sturecompagniet, Hell’s Kitchen, Rose and White Room Laroy.

"I had the chance to visit the country’s capital for only three days, but it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the incredible vibes and beautiful people around me."

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