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EDM.com Spotlight

Serato Has a Brand New App That Automatically DJs For You

Serato, makers of one of the most ubiquitous DJ softwares in the world, have launched a new app that automatically DJs for you.

Pyro is much more than simply a playlist app - it uses a complex set of algorithms to automatically select tunes and beatmatch for you. It's not just crossfading between tunes, but fully analyzing the tracks and adjusting tempos to create smooth, beatmatched transitions. Though of course this could never replace a real DJ, it is an impressive technological feat. The app also has a very intuitive user interface, allowing you to change up the sequence of upcoming tunes in real time. So while it wouldn't be something a DJ would ever use performing in a club, it could be a powerful tool for anyone throwing house parties where there isn't a real live DJ available. Plus, in addition to playing files saved to your phone, it can pull music from various streaming services including Spotify - so if your playlist ends, it will keep the music flowing indefinitely. Check out the introduction video from Serato.

Pyro is available for free in the Apple App Store, and coming soon for Android.


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