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EDM.com Spotlight

"Big room corny EDM is kind of dying I guess, which is cool by me..."

We've all read or watched videos of a "cookie-cutter" interview. It's boring and frankly uninspiring. It's always refreshing, however, when an artist speaks their mind instead of just saying what will appeal to the majority of fans in hopes of winning people over. Toronto-based producer Grandtheft shared some interesting thoughts in a recent interview with Magnetic Magazine that could spark some stimulating conversation (and possibly debates) among dance music fans.

Grandtheft has become known not only for his live sets full of originals but his remixes and bootlegs - the producer actually owns over 7000 records! He's also one-half of Team Canada DJs, the Official DJs of The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler. But making and spinning music isn't the only way he's given back. Grandtheft co-founded The Eh! Team DJ collective and Tremendous Records and also co-owns the Blue Dog Motel dance club in Montreal.

One of the questions Magnetic Mag asked the experienced producer, mover and shaker is what he thinks has changed for better and for worse in the electronic music space.

"Technology has made it so much easier to make records and to DJ. It makes things very democratic. Everyone can do it! The flipside is that not everyone can do it well… so there is a lot more clutter out there. It’s harder to find the good stuff and harder than ever for quality music to get heard."

They went on to ask him what he thinks of current dance music trends and how it is branching out, changing and evolving.

"Dance music and electronic music are not going anywhere. Big room corny EDM is kind of dying I guess, which is cool by me haha. It’s a crazy wide-open time right now and a lot of different sounds are evolving really fast. I find that really exciting."

Read Magnetic Magazine's full interview with Grandtheft:

Check out Grandtheft's recent EP Quit This City as we wait for the official remixes releasing soon through Mad Decent.

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