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The AudioPill is an Inner Body Rave You Can't Escape [VIDEO]

Imagine swallowing a pill and feeling the sensation of a techno rave inside your body. Enter the AudiPill, an experimental art device designed by a Czech artist Jan Strmiska aka Jan Poope to create "a unique feeling of restlessness, amazement and elation." Sounds freaky, right?

The flashing LED AudioPill can be set to one of three BPMs and then swallowed. An hour later, it will start to produce vibrations, which continue for 10 hours. Someone can then use an ultrasound device to literally "scratch" on the experimental object errr person who courageously swallowed the pill, sending intense acoustic perceptions to their brain.

"Audiopill will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a concert hall with a powerful audiosystem inside your body... The only difference is there’s an absolute silence all around and you are experiencing the music in perfect privacy and only from the inside." (Indiegogo)

The artist's Indiegogo campaign for the experimental pill was closed after received zero funding. Maybe it has to do with the stark warning from doctors and experts saying "never ever swallow anything like this." Or, maybe it has to do with comparing the pain in your pelvic area after you swallow it to "ramming an impact drill into your stomach." And yes, the warning does say you better inspect your feces 48 hours later and hope it's there.

"Swallowing this electronic capsule is based on the same principle as the medically approved capsule endoscopy. However, this is an experimental art device. During development of the device, many doctors and four polymer experts who were consulted on encasement materials, warned the author "to never ever swallow anything like this". Therefore, everything is at the user’s own risk. The author waives all responsibility for any potential health problems. It is also strongly recommended that you inspect your feces to be sure the device has made it through and out safely (in approx. 48 hours)." (Indiegogo)

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