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From Unknown to Working with Steve Aoki in Just Two Years

It's time for you to get familiar with the name Julian Benasis if you haven't already, because this fast-rising producer and DJ is making major waves. After winning Guitar Center's artist discovery program in December 2014, the unsigned producer from Chicago released an original track with none other than Steve Aoki. Benasis' winning remix of Aoki's "Delirious feat. Kid Ink" was selected out of nearly 7,000 submissions for Guitar Center's Your Next Record with Steve Aoki.

As the winner, Benasis got the opportunity to produce an original single at the Dim Mak Studios with Steve Aoki himself as the executive producer, which was released through Dim Mak Records and will soon receive an official music video. The grand prize also included opening for Steve at the famed OMNIA in San Diego, not to mention $10,000 cash and slew of top-notch production gear.

"Benasis nailed down the two main issues that I'm looking for in an artist. The first and most important one being great production," Steve Aoki said. "This is by far the best remix that came in with the most effective 'drop'. It was something brand new that added his own signature to the remix. The second issue being that he can turn up the crowd as a DJ. He displayed that in the video he submitted where you can see the crowd responding directly to him and his music. I see a lot of future in Benasis as long as he stays consistent and his passion and drive are at the front of his game."

Giving this opportunity to a talent such as Benasis is just one example of how Guitar Center continues to dedicate an incredible amount of support to emerging artists. Previous GC winners have gone on to forge incredibly successful careers, from teaming up with elites like Keith Urban, Slash, Travis Barker and T-Pain, to releasing albums and setting out on national tours. Julian Benasis' future is bright to say the least, and we're thrilled to see the lasting mark he is bound to leave on the music industry, especially because we had the opportunity to work with Benasis early on as an emerging artist.

Check out Benasis' winning remix as well as his original single "Bounce That" released with Steve Aoki on October 28, 2015 via Dim Mak below. The single is available for purchase on iTunes and Beatport.

We get thousands of track submissions every week here at EDM.com / Artist Intelligence Agency (AiA), and every so often we come across a track where within seconds, we know we’ll be seeing an artist a lot.

Julian Benasis submitted his first track to our Trap channel in February of 2014. The track, called "Hard Ones," garnered over 170,000 streams. We featured Benasis again in March of 2014, and his original track "Atom Bomb" has generated nearly a million streams. In June 2014, we featured his track "Bass Shot," and it received over 200,000 streams in no time.

With each track feature, we watched Benasis' Soundcloud followers climb higher and higher. Playing consistently around Chicago and gaining local notoriety, Benasis went on to release songs with Skint and Konfront Records. And now, we have the distinct pleasure of watching this producer go the distance now that he has released with one of the biggest labels in the industry.

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