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Kanye West Worked with Multiple Dance Music Producers on New Album

From outrageous twitter feuds to the release of his new album and a not-so-subtle jab at Taylor Swift, Kanye West has not been able to stay out of the headlines lately. Kanye premiered the highly anticipated album at a release event that took the form of a star-studded fashion show at Madison Square Garden.

As New York Times put it, "'Life of Pablo' is a hit, but it's not for sale." In fact... it's apparently not even finished. Kanye originally announced on SNL that the album was digitally for sale on kanyewest.com and streaming on Tidal, the streaming service he invested in as a partner.

He then pulled the album, leaving some fans either without a download after paying $20 or with an error-ridden copy that has a song listed twice instead of the final track. A promise that the album would be released soon was accompanied with the option of a refund.

"A partial version of the album is available for streaming on Tidal.com, but the download is currently not available... The final version of the album will be released in the next several days," Tidal communicated to customers.

Kanye then took to twitter to announce that he decided not to sell the album for another week and that it would not be available anywhere else but Tidal. He's since been urging fans to pay for a Tidal subscription, amidst claims that he is facing nearly $53 million in debt. Meanwhile, Torrent Freak reported more than 500,000 illegal downloads of the album by Tuesday.

Today, however, the rap star released the credits for the album, revealing the extensive list of collaborators which includes dance music producers and DJs Hudson Mohawke, Cashmere Cat, Benji B and DJ Dodger Stadium as well as renowned record producer Rick Rubin.

Source: NYTimes

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