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He Took a New Drug Every Day For 20 Days and Painted These [Video]

San Francisco based graphic artist Pixel Pusha took a different drug every day for 20 days, and created a new digital painting each day. He pushed the limits of his own consciousness to create some amazing art, and learned a lot about himself in the process.

We take a non-judgmental approach to drug use - we neither condone nor condemn anyone for their personal choices, so long as they don't hurt anyone else in the process. And it would be foolish to deny the place that mind altering substances have had in shaping the history of art and music, so regardless of your stance on drug use, this is a fascinating project. That being said, this sort of endeavour could push even the most experienced psychonauts to the limits of their sanity. In other words, please don't try this at home.

Reflecting on the project, he had this to say:

After 20 Days of different psychonautics, I had compromised my sanity, my finances, and my reputation, though I found the answers to my questions. I have found that my use of psychedelics over the years has changed my core being. I am perpetually in awe at the beauty which surrounds us, so uncontrollable yet based on our decisions to experience. Psychedelics have helped me place my self into another’s perspective. I am far more empathetic.

Check out a selection of the works below, as well as some of the high speed videos he recorded of his creative process.

To see the full series, or buy prints head over to his site PsyBry.net

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