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"If They Wanted Talented DJs, Then They Would Just Hire Men"

As any dance music fan will know, women are sorely underrepresented in the ranks of successful touring DJs. Though there are countless talented female DJs and producers around the world, the music industry has generally limited women to very specific roles - almost always based on their looks rather than their abilities.

Most male artists acknowledge how wrong this is, and some have gone out of their way to support women in the music industry to give them a fair shot and help fight the gender imbalance. And even those male artists who aren't actively helping support women generally won't publicly, blatantly reinforce the unfair stereotypes. But not DJ Justin James. He wears his sexism proudly, and openly perpetuates the stereotype that women must meet a strict set of guidelines for their physical appearance to even be considered as valid DJs. He posted the following in a Facebook group dedicated to helping women in the dance music industry.

Beyond the obvious sexism of his list of requirements (and the fact that he doesn't understand numbers), he is trying to avoid going through managers and agents. This is a special kind of shady, indicating that he plans to take advantage of any women unfortunate enough to work with him.

And when confronted about his post, he offered a weak justification, but ended up making himself look even worse:

Of course there are sleazy promoters and sleazy club owners who think a woman should have to meet a certain set of physical appearance requirements to be considered for a DJ gig - but this is the sort of thing any decent person would flatly oppose - not perpetuate. If you are confused about why this is bad, please check out the video below, and learn more about objectification:

Fortunately, the dance music community is mostly made up of good people who aren't down with sexist, misogynistic bullshit. He has been getting flooded with criticism on social media ever since, with comments like these:

And just to be clear, there is another artist named Justin James who has gotten heat incorrectly:

So if you are going to blast the sexist douche-canoe on social media, make sure you aim at the right guy:



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