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6 Artists to Watch in 2016 Picked by DJ Legend Annie Mac

Queen of BBC Radio 1 and renowned DJ Annie Mac has one of the most respected ears in the industry. From spotting talent before their big break to identifying the best records of the year in her highly anticipated compilation albums, Annie Mac continues to reign as one of dance music's premier tastemakers. In a recent cover feature with Mixmag, Annie Mac picked six artists expected to do big things in 2016.

1. Denis Sulta

"I found out about Denis when I asked Jackmaster for help with booking some solid local Scottish DJs... One of the things I like most about him is his natural ability to have fun in his music. The mixes are really well put together, you can tell his record collection runs deep. His productions are really accomplished for someone who hasn’t been making music that long." - Annie Mac

2. Sam Gellaitry

"Sam’s 18 and from Stirling. I first came across him when I heard his track ‘Long Distance’ and played it incessantly on my show. It sounded like nothing I’d heard before. The quality of his productions is so high for someone so young. In a world of SoundCloud trap fodder, his music stands out for being tremendously creative and imaginative." - Annie Mac

3. Nao

"This girl is something special. I put her AK Paul collab ‘So Good’ on my AMP 2014 compilation and have been watching her ever since. She’s found a real sound – groove-laden, slinky pop music – but it’s her voice that shines through. Flawless r’n’b/soul. She’s gonna have an incredible year" - Annie Mac

4. Coco

"As grime gets more and more ubiquitous, there are more MCs breaking through from outside London. CoCo killed it at the end of 2015 with ‘Big Bou Yah’, a dancehall-sampling, spacey banger. His bars are sharp and funny and memorable and I’m super-excited to see him break through in 2016." - Annie Mac

5. Mura Masa

"A terrifyingly talented young man from Guernsey. He’s nineteen years old and already a brilliant songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He has that ability to make amazing pop songs with a real sonic edge – pop that feels familiar and foreign all at the same time." - Annie Mac


"ANOTR are two friends from Amsterdam in their early twenties who used to make music under the name Piotr & Zhan. They changed their name and their sound to be more hard-hitting; now it’s really solid house music for the dancefloor. I’ve been supporting their DFTD release heavily in my sets and shows." - Annie Mac

Learn more about these artists by heading over to the full feature with Annie Mac at http://www.mixmag.net/feature/six-artists-annie-ma...

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