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Jamie Lamberski

From 'Suh Dude' to 'Damn Daniel' - Viral Memes Turned Dance Tracks

After Getter's Vine video with Nick Colletti started a tidal wave of suh dude's on social media, the California-based dubstep producer celebrated the viral trend by releasing the official "Suh Dude" anthem.

Released via Buygore, the track features "suh dude" samples, a rowdy dubstep beat and a trippy bridge that will have you laughing and headbanging all at the same time.

Now, the weird world of the internet has presented us with another viral meme that is being commemorated with a ridiculous dance track... enter, "dayum daniel." Uploaded by unknown producer Suhmeduh, this hilarious trap tune features samples of the meme creator Josh saying "damn Daniel" and "back at it again with the white Vans" from the original video that went viral.

Suhmeduh is in great company. Everyone with a friend named Daniel, including Professor Snape, is chiming in to join the meme fun. The internet never disappoints.


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