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5 Dream Collaborations We Would Love to See

Collaborations are one of the most exciting parts of electronic music, seeing our favorite artists come together and merge their styles.

The internet has made collaborating easier than ever, and it seems that collaborating is becoming more and more popular within the EDM community. But everyone has collaborations that they've wished would happen - even if they aren't realistic or likely. Here's a list of 5 collaborations we would love to see, regardless of how likely (or not) they are.

Deadmau5 x Daft Punk

This one collaboration than countless dance music fans have surely dreamed of. There was nearly a Deadmau5 remix of Daft Punk's Derezzed, from the Tron Legacy soundtrack, which can be heard in unfinished form below. But we are talking about a true collaboration, time in the studio together to write a full original tune. Though, with each acts' legendary arrays of studio gear, choosing which studio to work in might be tough.

Skrillex x Björk

Skrillex has mentioned the idea of working with Björk before, and we hope someday it comes to pass.

This could happen 20 years from now, who knows, but Bjork's someone I've loved since I've been a vocalist, and we did some touring in South America two years ago. [We] talked about making stuff and she even mentioned it in an interview at some point, so I gotta check that off the bucket list. That'd be dope, to do some cool, vibe-y stuff with her.

Sonny used her music in his recent Iceland tour video, which reminded us just how amazing it would be if they wrote some stuff together.

Noisia x Tipper

This one may not be obvious to the average dance music fan, but most producers will immediately understand the appeal of this collaboration. In producer circles, both Noisia and Tipper are widely considered to be among the most innovative and technically advanced acts on the planet. Noisia has a vast catalogue of collaborative work, but sadly Tipper rarely collaborates with anyone. Speaking with Lost in Sound, he described why:

As you can garner from my discography, I am not the collaborative type, and the creative process is a very personal experience for me. It wouldn’t be fair to tarnish another with the purging of my madness now would it?

Still, Noisia has been public about their massive respect for him, so we are holding out hope that someday this one might happen.

Zedd x Adele

Despite a huge number of bootleg remixes from electronic acts big and small, Adele hasn't ever worked with an EDM producer. But if there's one producer Adele might consider working with, it would have to be Zedd. His piano playing and songwriting skill are undeniable, and he's impressed pop stars before:

And he hasn't been shy about his desire to work with Adele:

Diplo x Run the Jewels

Diplo has been at the forefront of merging hip-hop and electronic music for years, and he's worked with many rappers. But if we had to choose a single hip-hop act for Diplo to collaborate with, it would have to be Killer Mike and El-P, aka Run the Jewels. RTJ already has an impressive list of past collaborators, including Big Boi from Outkast, and Zach de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine, so a Diplo collab is easy to imagine. In addition to rapping, El-P generally produces all of the beats for RTJ, so it would be amazing to hear what he and Diplo could cook up in the studio together.

RTJ did play the Mad Decent Block Party back in 2014, so they've got some connections to Diplo. They also got much too high before that set, thanks to some edibles...

Jezebel: What's the most stoned you've ever been onstage? Either of you guys.

El-P: I know it for him. [Laughs] This motherfucker. Fuck it, I'm telling it. It was Denver.

Killer Mike: No, it wasn't Denver, it was fucking Washington.

El-P: It was Washington, for Diplo's shit, what's his festival?

Jezebel: Mad Decent.

El-P: Yeah, the block party. And someone had given us edibles. I refuse in my adult life to take edibles; they're too unpredictable to me. But this motherfucker was so lit that he had to announce it to the crowd, just as a precaution.

Killer Mike, laughing to himself: I ate a whole brownie.

El-P: It was very much not definite that he would remember any of the songs.

Killer Mike: I got too high. I was like, "I don't know the rest." And the crowd rapped it, they ad-libbed. That's how we got through that set.

Do you have any collaborations that you've dreamed about? Let us know in the comments!

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