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New Festival Technology Tackles Major Problem

In Mumbai, India two entrepreneurs came up with a brilliant strategy to decrease littering.

The two developers, Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal developed the startup company ThinkScream after attending a music festival in Bangalore in 2013. After being separated for two hours, the duo realized that they needed to easily find a way to communicate with each other.

Tired of seeing mounds of trash that circulated throughout the country, the two young developers came up with a concept that rewards individuals for not littering, free wi-fi. And so they created a trash can that provides reward-based wi-fi for up to 15 minutes for every item that is disposed.

(Photo Courtesy of CNNMoney)

With an LED screen, the trash can flashes a unique code that users can then connect to the wi-fi, which is available for a range up to 50 meters.

If translated to the camping music festival market, the technology could help attendees to remain accountable for their waste by rewarding individuals with social communication.

If you’ve ever been to a busy camping festival, you’ve realized the struggles of getting in contact with friends when rural cell networks are overloaded by thousands of festival attendees. By offering reward-based wi-fi connections festivals could decrease the amount of littering while also gaining more event coverage from the real-time uploads to different social media platforms.

(Photo courtesy David Hedges/SWNS)

Although not all festivals abide by the ’no trace left behind’ ideologies of Lightning in a Bottle or Burning Man, we each need to do our part to be sustainable so that we can enjoy the beautiful environments that host these festivals for years to come!

H/T: CNN Money
Cover Photo: The Guardian

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