EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Dillon Francis & Getter Tell Ridiculous Drunken Sex Stories

No Jumper aka "The Coolest Podcast In The World" scored some high-profile dance music guests the other day, as Dillon Francis and Getter sat down with host Adam Grandmaison as well as comedian and friend Nick Colletti for an hour-long, unedited conversation about sex, drinking, smoking weed and general debauchery.

"Dillon Francis is a world famous DJ with a video on YouTube with over a quarter billion views so I figured it would be a good idea to get him on the podcast and just talk about poop and cum the whole time. Getter and Nick Colletti (of Suh Dude fame) joined me and we basically just demonstrated our immaturity and inability to take anything seriously for an hour and change. Enjoy!"

01:20 Losing weight
02:00 Weed
04:00 "I love drinking"
08:20 GHB and shitting the bed
11:00 Why Dillon doesn’t fuck with butts
14:00 The explosion of Suh Dude
17:00 Obesity
18:30 Tiesto
23:20 Facebook
29:00 Foot jobs
31:30 Dillon’s romantic life
36:30 Atlanta
39:00 A bad drunk Nick story
44:30 Get Low has a quarter billion YouTube views
48:15 Zoolander 2 sucks apparently
50:00 Going out vs partying on tour
56:00 The Kanye album
57:00 World’s smallest penis
1:01:00 Dillon’s cat sucks
1:08:00 Pouya’s album

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