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EDM.com Spotlight

Are the New Facebook 'Reactions' an Improvement or a Dumbing Down?

Facebook has finally introduced a feature solving the awkward moment when you want to respond to a post but don't want to "like" it. As you'll notice in your news feed, the social media giant has officially rolled out “reactions” worldwide, allowing users to respond with like, love, laughter, shock, sadness or anger via emoticons.

Some users have been begging for a "dislike" button for years, and it's a feature that Facebook is behind-the-times on implementing as platforms like Slack, Skype and Peach (RIP) added the feature long before. But what makes me personally feel uneasy about this new feature is the fact that it gives people even less of a reason to actually communicate with words. The less attention and genuine thought devoted towards interacting with others, the more disconnected we actually become.

How do you feel about the new feature?! Will you comment less as as result and will this decrease the number of real conversations you have on Facebook?

Cover photo by Kirstina Sangsahachart/ Daily News

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