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EDM.com Spotlight

Letters to Molly: Read Anonymous Accounts from MDMA Users

Letters to Molly is a social commentary and community activism blog launched by Medicinal Mindfulness, a community of activists, healers, practitioners, artists and simple, honest, caring individuals who are united under the commitment "to provide an enjoyable, safe, open and affirming, non-judgmental harm reduction, prevention and education service for individuals and communities who use psychedelics and cannabis."

Please note that we are not condoning (or condemning) the use of psychoactive drugs. Rather, we are just sharing the perspectives of those who've benefited from the healthy, safe and respectful use of MDMA. As the founder of Dancesafe and the director of the forthcoming documentary MDMA The Movie Emanuel Sferios says, "MDMA was a therapeutic medicine long before it became a popular party drug."

If pharmaceuticals have failed and you are looking for other treatment options or you are just wanting to educate yourself, visit Dancesafe.org and MAPS.org for drug testing kits and detailed health and safety information.

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