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5 Jobs Bassnectar Worked Before He Became the Bass King

As Bassnectar fans prepare for a big festival season, which includes Okeechobee, Euphoria, Mysteryland, Electric Forest and culminates in 2016 Bass Center, we thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. During an interview leading up to a previous tour, Lorin shared five jobs he worked before he became the bass king.

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1. Whole Foods Bag Boy

"I was raised in a hippie commune, and my father was responsible for running the co-op that served natural food to people in the commune. When we left, he had a natural food grocery store which became a Whole Foods. When I was 15 I started bagging there."

2. Children's Entertainer

"I think I did five birthday parties and I was Big Bird, Barney, Elmo. It was one of the most unique experiences. When you enter a room and you're dressed as [these kids'] superhero, and they're staring into your eyes and say, 'You're my hero! I love you!'"

3. Music Teacher at Juvenile Hall

"My major [social justice] necessitated me to do a full-time field study. . . . I would spend time with inmates and I started up a music program. At first it was drumming and beat-making, and then I brought in DJ equipment."

4. Primary School TA

"I basically interned with a second-grade class in reading, which was interesting because I never thought about how human beings develop the ability to read words. It’s not memorization or sounding out every letter, but it’s true communication. . . . It was phenomenally interesting."

5. Census Field Worker

"I got promoted to do all the sketchy, boondock areas in the wilderness. And that’s when I quit, because I was not down with trespassing on some sketchy dude’s land and asking how many people lived on the property."

Source: Boston Globe

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