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Rebel Radio Ep. 36: Ant LaRock - 3 Powerful Ways to Stay Incredibly Focused

Keeping His Mind on the Hustle - A Rebel's Story

Ant LaRock stops by our studio to put us up on what the next generation is up to.

A musician since childhood, he meandered through multiple genres before landing on a classic deep house sound that pre-dates him by about a decade, somehow avoiding the more obvious choices like trap, techno, or whatever EDM means these days.

He got his first break with a remix of “Right Here, Right Now,” for Giorgio Moroder and Kylie Minogue, and recently remixed “Flip It” by Charlotte Devaney featuring Snoop. Big wins for a cat that’s new in the game. He just put out a solo EP on the legendary house label Nervous Records.

Ant tells us what it’s like being a protege of one of New York’s house dons, Todd Terry. And how he keeps his mind on his hustle now that he got his foot in the door. He also explains how, in order to stay true to his classic sound, he avoids listening to a lot of new music while he’s writing so it doesn’t influence him in ways that he doesn’t want. That’s curation, folks.

All this and more, including one thing he does regularly to keep himself focused on making music, when you click to listen.

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