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One-Half of Longtime NY Production Duo Passes Away

Peter Osback aka DJ Guide Osorio, one-half of DJ/production duo Razor N' Guido, died today, Saturday February 20th, at age 46 after a sudden heart attack. Music partner and dear friend Razor, the official DJ of the New York Mets, told Billboard that he's overwhelmed with sadness as well as gratitude.

"While my heart will forever grieve, I find solace in knowing that the world, and more importantly, myself, was blessed in knowing and sharing so much with this kind, generous and wonderfully brilliant human being. I will miss and love him always."

For two decades, the Razor N' Guido brought their innovative progressive and hard house to clubs and radio shows. The duo's most famous tracks include chart-toppers "Do It Again" (1998) and "Miss the Way" featuring Reina (2000) as well as "You Used to Hold Me '98" (1998) and "Dancefloor" featuring Octahvia (2001). They also remixed the likes of Madonna, The Notorious B.I.G., Rihanna, Shakira, George Michael and more.

"Manhattan had Tunnel and Twilo and suddenly people were coming out to Long Island, to the suburbs, because of them," Robyn Smith, president-owner of R*STAR Publicity, told Newsday. "That tribal house sound that is so popular now? They started that sound. That buildup and breakdown? That is his legacy."

Guido was deeply rooted in the New York-area DJ community and was loved and respected for his warm character and infectious personality just as much as his talent.

"As an artist, he was a perfectionist," Smith said. "As a person, he was a teddy bear. He loved what he did and it showed."

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