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EDM.com Spotlight

This Just In: Edible Records Are a Thing That Exist

After decades of low sales and expensive production, many thought that vinyl records were a thing of the past. As music streaming has taken over our earbuds (and our phone memory), however, the art of record collecting is seeing an surprising upswing.

And things just got a lot more interesting for all you wax junkies. Although your standard record comes in the vinyl variety, British DJ Matthew Herbert just produced a record that can be played... on a tortilla.

Yup. A flour tortilla.

The manufacturer of the new edible concept, Yann Seznec of the Science Gallery London, has created the tortilla record to be playable of regular hifi players, proving to be a pioneer of the new frontier in edible sounds.

Our next question is, do they come in organic?

Cover Photo: Huffington Post

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