EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

South Wales Duo Rhythm District Unites Decades of Music in Genre-Defying Debut 'Your Loss' LP

Following the release of singles ‘Impossible’ and ‘Temperatures’, Castro and Ratcatcher aka Rhythm District have now exploded out of their bleak South Wales surroundings with their new Your Loss LP, now out on Artist Intelligence Agency.

The duo delivers a modern twist on the classic motown-era song­writing in their new release, and they supply this sound with uplifting melodies, grooves, and a number of different featured vocalists throughout the LP.

Enlisting the help of Linford K Hydes, Jessy Allen, and Rachel K Collier to provide soothing vocal top-lines throughout the album, each track tells a different story around the trials and tribulations of a modern-­day lover.

From the funky bass lines found in ‘Midnight Moon’ and ‘Impossible,' to the driving pulse resonating within ‘Don’t Call Me a Friend’ and ‘Cliche,' to the more laid­-back atmospheres displayed in ‘Your Loss’ and ‘Our Love,' Rhythm District’s Your Loss LP is setting the tone for forward-­thinking music in the modern age.

Check out the full stream of Your Loss LP below and make sure to purchase yourself a copy on iTunes today.

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