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5 Must-Listen to Albums/Comps Released So Far in 2016

We're only in the second month of the New Year, and already we have a handful of albums and compilations that deserve a listen (if not many listens).

1. Eric Prydz - Opus

Ten years in the making, Prydz's artist album debut is appropriately his most personal work yet, telling his story from the Swedish techno of his first forays to the 80's synth-pop that ultimately inspired his path. Featuring 19 tracks, Opus was finally released today via Virgin Records. In honor of the landmark release, the twice Grammy-nominated artist will set out on a three city EPIC 4.0 tour.

"From the golden-age of Swedish techno that dragged him into club culture, to the synth-pop of the 1980s that sparked his love affair with electronic music, Opus reveals the influences that have shaped Prydz, while also being his most personal and intimate work to date. It’s not calculating or contrived, its Eric’s story."

Purchase Opus on iTunes at http://po.st/OpusItunes or on Amazon at http://po.st/OpusAmazon
Find tour info and tickets at http://www.ericprydz.tv/

2. Wolfgang Gartner - 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate

Another long-awaited album finally hit fans' ears recently... Wolfgang Gartner's 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate. Released January 29 via his Kindergarten Records, the second LP from the American electronic music pioneer comes after a year-long hiatus and nearly five years since his famed Weekend in America album.

"To be honest I’d lost a little bit of faith in the scene because any time I released music, there were always those people that would say, 'This doesn’t sound like Wolfgang’s 5th or Undertaker. Go back to your roots!' But…this time it was different. The reaction to 10 Ways has been amazing. You embraced the growth and change. You respected evolution. I am so proud of this album and I’m even more proud of my fans for allowing me to take chances and for being open minded and excited to hear different things. So I wanted to give back something."

The Wolf thanks his fans for the support in the form of an 11th track, "Speed of Sound" which he released for free download.

Purchase 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate at https://exit.sc/?url=http://smarturl.it/10...

3. RÜFÜS DU SOL - Bloom

Australian electronic trio RÜFÜS DU SOL recently released their sophomore album Bloom on January 22 via ODESZA's imprint Foreign Family Collective to great critical acclaim. Bloom is set to follow in the footsteps of their 2013 debut album, which hit number one in Australia, having already racked up millions of plays on singles "Like An Animal" and "You Were Right."

RÜFÜS recently announced a 2016 North American tour to support the album, including stops at Coachella, Firefly and Red Rocks in Colorado with ODESZA.

Purchase Bloom at https://sweatitout.lnk.to/bloom
Find tour and ticket info at http://foreignfamilycollective.com/bloomtour.html

4. John Dahlbäck - Saga

Swedish DJ/producer John Dahlbäck released his third full-length artist album, Saga, via Armada Music on January 29th. Dahlbäck announced the album last year, previously releasing the singles "Raven," "Atlantis" and "Count to Ten." The 15-track effort also features recently released singles "Ain't You," "New York City" and "Gargamel."

"I'm so happy and proud to finally be able to say the album is here. It has taken me a year to finish but what a ride it's been. This album is so diverse and musical and that is really important these days. So here is my experiment. It can succeed and it can fail but it doesn't matter. With this album, I did my best, and what's more important: I did it all with my love for music."

Purchase Saga at https://armadamusic.lnk.to/JDSagaPR

5. Never Say Die Vol. 4 Mixed by SKisM

Independent record label Never Say Die founded by Tommy Dash aka SKisM recently released its latest compilation album featuring a massive lineup of new tunes from Zomboy, Megalodon, LAXX, BAR9, Dr. Ozi, Tisoki & Topi, MUST DIE! and more.

"It's been a little longer than usual between our compilations but I guarantee you this one is worth the wait... Massive thanks to all the artists involved in the album and the mix, and to anyone contributing to our scene - we are strong right now."

Mix Tracklist:
01 LAXX - Live & Direct [Never Say Die Records]
02 Dodge & Fuski Vs. Virtual Riot - Alien / (QUEST Remix) [Disciple Recordings]
03 Zomboy - Like A Bitch [***NSD VOL 4***]
>> ID - ID
04 MUST DIE! - Fan Service [Never Say Die Records]
05 Megalodon - Watch Me [***NSD VOL 4***]
06 LAXX - Swamp Thing [***NSD VOL 4***]
07 BAR9 - Kolkata [***NSD VOL 4***]
08 JuJu - One For The Money [NSD: Black Label]
09 Skrillex - Ragga Bomb Ft. Ragga Twins (Skrillex & Zomboy Remix) [OWSLA]
10 ID - ID
11 Barely Alive x Twine – Smash! [Disciple Recordings]
12 Eptic – Spellbound [Never Say Die Records]
13 Dubloadz - Lost In The Sauce Ft. Crichy Crich [Disciple Recordings]
14 Dr. Ozi - Always You [***NSD VOL 4***]
15 LAXX – TWITCH [Never Say Die Records]
16 Snails & heRobust - Pump This (Getter Remix) [OWSLA]
17 ID - ID
>> ID - ID
18 Eptic - Space Cats (Trampa Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
>> ID - ID
19 Tisoki & Topi - Undisclosed [***NSD VOL 4***]
20 Spag Heddy - ID [Oh My! EP on Never Say Die Records]
>> Eptic & FuntCase - Oh Shit! [NSD: Black Label]
21 ID - ID
22 Virtual Riot – Machinery [Disciple Recordings]
23 Twine - Bad Influence [***NSD VOL 4***]
24 Megalodon - Get Down! [NSD: Black Label]
>> BadKlaat - Swagsville [***NSD VOL 4***]
25 Spag Heddy - Remember [***NSD VOL 4***]
26 Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Revenge Of The Meta Knight (The Frim Remix)
27 Eptic - Kill Them All [***NSD VOL 4***]
28 Trampa - Gas Tank [Never Say Die Records]
>> Eptic - The End (Carnage & Breaux Remix) [***NSD VOL 4***]
29 Dr. Ozi - Loose Cannon Ft. DDARK [Buygore Records]
30 LAXX - Invisible Invaders VIP [Never Say Die Records]
31 Habstrakt - Habby9000 (MUST DIE! Remix) [***NSD VOL 4***]
32 Barely Alive - Zombie Hunter [Disciple Recordings]
33 Xilent - Ultimate [***NSD VOL 4***]
34 ID - ID
35 Trampa - Dance Up [***NSD VOL 4***]
36 Phiso - Impulse [Rottun Recordings]
37 SKisM X Trampa - Black Hole [Never Say Die Records]
38 SKisM X Trampa - Black Hole (TrollPhace Remix) [***NSD VOL 4***]
39 SKisM - Experts (Barely Alive Remix) [***NSD VOL 4***]
40 SKisM & LAXX - Hostile (Eptic Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
41 Franky Nuts - Burn It [***NSD VOL 4***]
42 BadKlaat - Head Crush [NSD: Black Label]
43 Spag Heddy - ID [Oh My! EP on Never Say Die Records]
44 Virtual Riot – Carrier [Disciple Recordings]
45 Spag Heddy & EH!DE - ID [Oh My! EP on Never Say Die Records]
46 Zomboy - Raptor (SKisM & LAXX Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
47 ID - ID
48 501 - Vulture (Protohype Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
49 Doctor P - Watch Out [Circus Records]

50 MUST DIE! - Animal Parade [***NSD VOL 4***]

Purchase Never Say Die Vol. 4 at http://listen.nsdx.uk/NSDVOL4/

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