In the wake of corporate EDM conglomerate SFX filing for bankruptcy, Deadmau5 has an offer to help out disgraced CEO Robert Sillerman.

Obviously Joel isn't making a serious offer, but with SFX's market cap currently sitting around $5.4 million, his offer of $14 isn't totally ridiculous. More importantly, he's taking some serious and valid shots at Robert Sillerman, a CEO who by his own admission, knew nothing about the culture of dance music when he began his play to take over a huge share of the EDM market.

Though this is just some classic Deadmau5 snark, it actually brings up a significant point. Huge amounts of Wall Street money are obviously not a sure path to success in the world of dance music - especially when the person leading is a CEO who knows nothing about the culture, and sees it only as a way to make profit. It's hard to imagine any artist functioning as a CEO of a company like SFX, but maybe the concept of artist ownership shouldn't be so foreign. Of course a single artist couldn't fill the role of CEO and still have time to tour and make music. But if a group of major artists each had a significant share of ownership in a company, it might create a company that would accurately reflect the culture of the scene - rather than simply reflecting the greed of Wall Street investors.

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