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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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10 Awesome Homemade Mau5Heads [PHOTOS]

Deadmau5 is hitting his new studio hard and talking about a new tour. To celebrate the mau5 boss working on a new album, we're sharing some of our favorite homemade mau5heads.

1. Megaconmau5

2. Spidermau5

By Tom Strait of AirAsylum Kustoms

3. Luigimau5 and Mariomau5

By Nillos

4. Junglemau5

By Mau5-Head Master Craftsman Davstr85

5. Hello Kittymau5

By the_lazy_panda

6. Zippermau5

By Deckronomicon

7. Discomau5

By Unknown

8. Steamau5

By CharybdusRage on DeviantArt

9. Talking mau5head

By Kevin Smith

10. Sound-Interactive LED mau5head

By DetroitMau5

H/T LittleBlackDiamond


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