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Eric Prydz Talks Turning Down a Huge Collab, Writing a Masterpiece

Last night, we published an article on 5 Must-Listen to Albums/Comps Released So Far in 2016, and number one on the list was Eric Prydz's Opus. His debut artist album, which was ten years in the making, was finally released yesterday via Virgin Records.

Right before the big release, Prydz sat down with Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe for an extended conversation about Opus, producing and more. He even opened up about turning down an opportunity to collaborate with a very famous British singer after Zane inquired about the fact that he's not really one to engage in high-profile collabs.

E: "Yeah. The mentality is the track above anything else, and don’t try and compromise."

Z: "You must have been pressured though at times to put vocals on things?"

E: "Yeah. I had that with a very famous independent record company in the UK, where the head of the company actually came to the studio, like in the movies, with a briefcase stacked with 100 pound bills, the whole bag."

Z: "You’re like, 'No, that doesn’t work for me.'"

E: "Yeah. I knew that if I did that record in the way that they wanted to, I couldn’t stand for it. It wasn’t me anymore. It was something that would become a big hit. It would have probably been a number one record in the UK. I had it with other records as well, like “Piano,” which was an instrumental track that I made. It was number two in the UK as an instrumental track. Seal wrote a vocal for it that was amazing. Timberland did something on it as well. We had all these things. It took the track to a place where I felt I’m not comfortable there. It was a hit. It was a number one smash, but I was like, 'No.'"

In what was also one of the most interesting moments of their conversation, Prydz talked about his songwriting and producing process a bit, which led him to disclose how long it took him to write "Opus," the brilliant composition and title track of his long-awaited debut album and the track that was supported by Four Tet and even deadmau5.

Z: "How do you know a song is done?"

E: "Tracks are very rarely done. For me it’s always like, 'What if I add that?'"

Z: "Have you ever been satisfied at the end of a session, where you’ve gone, 'I really can’t add anything to that piece of music.' What’s the closest you’ve got?"

E: "'Opus' that I just did. I did that in half an hour."

Z: "Come on, wait a minute. You did the whole thing in half an hour?"

E: "I needed a finale for EDC Las Vegas, when I did that. I was on the tour bus and I had the actual riff previously. I went through all these ideas because I have… whatever, hundreds of them. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I like this,' but it wasn’t finished. It’s only… I think it’s six bars. It’s supposed to be eight."

Don't miss the other highlights from the conversation, including when Lowe divulged that his good friend actually directed Prydz's "Call On Me" video, which Prydz said "It's not me."

Read their full extended conversation: http://flaunt.com/music/left-wallet-el-segundo-can...

You can stream the title track and full album below, then purchase a copy of Prydz's debut album on iTunes at http://po.st/OpusItunes or on Amazon at http://po.st/OpusAmazon.

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