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EDM.com Spotlight

Following Martin Garrix, Two More Producers Leave Spinnin' Records

A very public dispute followed Martin Garrix's split from Spinnin' Records and MusicAllStars Management which lawsuits from both parties. Now, two more producers have announced their departure from the major EDM label.

First to make an announcement was Dutch producer Julian Jordan known for his tunes "Blinded By The Light," "Angels x Demons" and "Rage." Jordan cited the reason for the split was the inability to agree on a new deal.

Just hours later, Danish producer and founder of Megaton Records Mike Hawkins announced his own leave from the label. Hawkins said "both parties have agreed that going forward we are perhaps not the right match for each other in terms of style and vision."

The climate of the industry has changed, and more and more artists are realizing that the major label model is becoming obsolete. With streaming and social media giving DJs and producers the ability to connect and build their fan bases and release their own music without the help of big time executives, artists are seeing the potential value in going independent.

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