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EDM.com Spotlight

See Why This Guy is an Inspiration to ALL Ravers [VIDEO]

"A lot of people's first question is 'What are you on?' and 'Can I have some of it?'" said Bradley Gunn a raver and the subject of a new mini-doc presented by Aspect Media and Foxleaf Media.

"Medical teams pay a lot of attention to me when they first see me... they want to know what's going on."

Bradley Gunn is a 20-year-old software developer during the week, but he becomes a dedicated raver by the weekend. He often gets stopped at raves, sometimes even by security, because he's suspected of being on some kind of drugs.

"The worst case was when a security guard pulled me into an interrogation room, searched my bags, searched me, accused me of being on this that and that. 'I was like whoa whoa whoa. I'm sober mate. I rave sober."

That's right, Gunn is one of those sober ravers, but before you throw him in a box, I ask that you take a few minutes to watch this film. What's great about this mini-doc is the fact that it doesn't condemn all drug use. Great thinkers like Graham Hancock and the late Terence McKenna teach us about the role that psychedelic experiences and the use of certain plants have played and will continue to play in human expansion and evolution. Rather, it actually puts this whole topic aside to focus on the truly beautiful benefits of dance - the creative outlet it offers, the self expression it encourages and its downright meditative and therapeutic offerings.

Through the lens of a pure-at-heart raver, we are reminded of that feeling… that feeling when you find your flow state. You're so in your element, so in your groove, it's like the music is running through your veins. These are the moments when nothing can bring you down. And these are the moments when the power of music is working its magic, reminding you of what it feels like to be alive and healing you one beat at a time.

Thank you Bradley for reminding me of that feeling. If any of you out there are like me… just the thought of it will make your heart smile and give you a much-needed moment of solace in what sometimes feels like an all-too-fucked-up world.


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