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If You Love Deadmau5, You'll Love These 5 Artists

For every big name artist you love, there are lots of smaller artists who make great music in similar styles that you've probably never heard of. Of course Deadmau5 has a wide range of creative output, so depending on which of his tunes are your favorites, you may like some of these more than others. But each of these artists are worth checking out for any serious Mau5 fan.


Utrecht, Netherlands

Zero Three Zero/Sotto Voce

[from their bio]

Deep in the bowels of a studio complex in Utrecht, NL, sits Tinlicker, a solitary robot, working his fingers to the core, intent on the creation of a new style and sound. Piloted by Micha Heyboer (of Black Sun Empire fame) and Mike Luck. Tinlicker sits between melodic techno and true house, deep and driving, but with melodies and emotion.


Niagara Falls, Canada


[from her bio]

HI. I'm Rezz. I'm 20 years old. I started producing in november of 2013 & pretty much haven't left my computer since. I use ableton 9. It was rocket science at first but nothing 14 hours a day can't fix. Some of my musical influences are deadmau5, gesaffelstein, alesia, amon tobin, eskmo, bassnectar, pretty lights & tons more that i'm likely forgetting. I will eternally give tunes away for free despite signing to SOME labels that cross my path because I want to treat all humans to a delightful first impression. I love & appreciate life and hope the same for you. I'm also obsessed with dogs. Hope u like my music : )




[from his bio]

The notoriously camera shy ATTLAS has come a long way from the days of writing Lord Of The Rings-­esque music for a BBQ sauce commercial (for free). He first came to prominence in November 2014 with the heavily sought after deadmau5 ‘Aural Psynapse’ remix. It caused a tidal wave of speculation that ATTLAS was in fact a side project of the mau5 himself. That speculation ended when he was officially ‘outed’ by Pete Tong , announcing ATTLAS is Jeff Hartford, Canadian producer, dj and classically trained musician.

Nigel Good

Ontario, Canada

Silk Music/Monstercat

[from his bio]

Canadian sensation Nigel Good's hyper-modern take on melodic progressive house has earned him great international acclaim, including support by Porter Robinson, Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Jaytech, Solarstone, Gareth Emery, Myon & Shane 54, Matt Darey, and many more. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Nigel Good began playing piano at the age of 5. His interest in electronic music, especially Chicane and BT, developed soon after. By 11, he was producing trance with Fast Tracker and charting on the former mp3.com. Nigel spent the rest of his teenage years refining his sound to what it is today: space, melody, air, and glitch. Nigel's technical intelligence helps him create music with incredible sonic depth.

Alex H

Manchester, UK

Progressive House Worldwide/Perplexity Music

[from his bio]

Quickly becoming a master of melody, Alex Humberstone, now better known as Alex H. began his journey of sound in 2008 frequenting night clubs in the UK, and shortly after Perth, Australia. His passion for music runs deep, which sparked the motivation to cultivate his own sound. Finding solace in Progressive House with his intricate melodies & innovative approach, Alex joined up with Progressive House Worldwide releasing his first EP, Beyond the Blue Horizon.

Image: Rukes.com

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