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People Who Listen To Music Together Are Happier, Have More Sex

Speaker company Sonos recently collaborated with Apple to study the effects that listening to music out loud, together has on people.

Most music lovers already know intuitively that listening to music with friends is a great way to de-stress, and build bonds of friendship (and maybe romance). But Sonos wanted to measure the impact that having music playing in the home has on families and romantic partners.

As music technology has advanced, it has made listening a more personal experience, putting a huge library of music our pockets. We can listen to music anywhere, anytime by just putting ear buds in and firing up SoundCloud, Spotify, or the library of music we have saved to our phones. But when we listen to music in this way, it separates us from the social experience of listening with other people that was so common before the advent of portable, personal music devices. Sonos hypothesized that this is actually taking away from the happiness and intimacy that listening together brings.

They provided 31 families with Sonos speakers and Apple Watches, and placed Apple iBeacons around their homes. The Apple Watches tracked participants heart rate, activity, movement, and calories burned, and worked in conjunction with the iBeacons to track their precise locations. And the Sonos speakers provided whatever music the families wanted, via Apple Music streaming.

The families were tracked for one week with the speakers available to play music out loud, and one week without. The results were pretty impressive. During the music out loud week, participants spent significantly more time together, sat or stood 12% physical closer together on average, and in the cases of romantic partners, had 63% more sex.

Families also spent more time in the kitchen, cooked 33% more meals together, and even reported that the food they made with music playing tasted better. They also reported a significant increase in overall happiness, and a reduction of negative emotions like irritability and distress.

Dr. Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain on Music, who consulted on the research, wasn't surprised by the findings. “We find that people who listen to music out loud together report that their relationships are stronger, they spend more time with loved ones, they spend more time hugging, they have twice as much sex.”

This research inspired Sonos and Apple's feel good Superbowl commercial:

Image: BPM Festival

Source: Time

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