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EDM.com Spotlight

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Dance Music Artists

EDM artists have generally made their opposition to Donald Trump very clear, criticizing him on social media and mocking him in their videos (remember when Kill the Noise turned Trump into a hamburger?!).

Well, now it looks like the tempestuous GOP candidate and business magnate is trying to hit back. Trump had his team send a cease-and-desist order to New York City duo Fight Clvb over their use of his image and likeness in the video for their track, "Donald Trump."

Not long after, another cease-and-desist order was received by Australian duo Bombs Away, although this one is highly dubious and could very well be assumed a fake due to the number of grammatical errors and questionable text that had been whited-out.

Whether Trump has a real case against Fight Clvb and potentially other dance music artists is debatable. According to the ruling in Campbell vs. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., the new work must comment on the old work (or sample, be it audio or visual) in order to be considered parody and protected under fair use. Or, it must only use the old work to criticize something else entirely if it is to be considered satire by law.

Fight Clvb responded with a letter of intention to keep the video, "sticking to their guns" - just like Trump is doing in the presidential race - because the duo believes what they have done is not wrong. The likelihood of Trump pursuing the lawsuit is rather small because he's threatened to sue celebrities in the past - including Rosie O’Donnell several times - with no follow through (most likely because there was no case).

Check out the letters and Fight Clvb's "Donald Trump" video below and decide for yourself. Either way, we have to hand it to those artists that are using their platform and creativity to participate in the political discussion. Music has historically been an outlet for social, political and economic change, and it's good to see the electronic dance music community carry on the torch.

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