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The All Time Top 10 Moments of Skrillex's Career

Sonny Moore has had a unique and exciting career and it’s only getting started. The electronic producer has created his own sound, label, worked on movies, games and more. Sonny Moore has done so many things since his debut as Skrillex in the summer of 2010. We wanted to highlight just some of his biggest achievements and our favourite Skrillex memories so far in our list of the Top 10 Skrillex Moments by edm.com!

1. Skrillex debuts with “My Name is Skrillex” June 07, 2010

Though Sonny Moore was the lead singer in the touring band From First To Last and successful in the music industry by the age of 16, he wasn’t fulfilled. It’s been noted by him many times that his ideas for the band weren't being voiced or respected. This caused a falling out and he released an EP called Gypsyshook under the name Sonny Moore. Though this was his first step into the world of dance music, it’s not what defined him.

It wasn’t until June 7th, 2010 that Skrillex came out with his new name and definitive sound. Proudly bearing a new name, Skrillex debuted his introductory EP and gave the world was “My Name is Skrillex” as a free and independent release. The “My Name is Skrillex” EP is how the world got introduced to his unique electronic driven productions. Though it was only a small taste of the innovation to come later.

This debut EP is one of the most defining moments of his career as it was the start of his long awaited success after frustrations with his past band. The debut EP is still available for free right here. (http://www.bloodcompany.net/skrillexep/)

2. Skrillex tops the Beatport Charts with Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites

Skrillex released “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” exclusively through Beatport on October 22, 2010 with support from mau5trap and Big Beat Records. Skrillex made history with this moment and this EP. Skrillex became the first dubstep artist ever to top the Beatport Top 10 (which is rare even today). The producer also went from releasing an independent EP to gaining support from Big Beat and Deadmau5 through Mau5trap.

The EP performed amazingly well as 8/9 tracks off the record landed in the Beatport Top 10, which has yet to happen for a record again. The EP took home two Grammys at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards (“Best Dance Recording”and for “Best Dance/Electronica Album”) and has since gone double platinum. This was yet another big step for Skrillex and it was the same year as his debut, which only added onto the ongoing buzz.

This was the project that got a lot of people hooked on Skrillex. We’ll be the first to admit, the music does not stand up to today's standards. Regardless, for the time of it’s release it caught and inspired a whole generation of producers/fans. We couldn’t possibly leave this moment out, check out the release below.

3. Skrillex Wins the Grammys! (A lot)

Skrillex is no stranger to the Grammy Awards. Skrillex has more Grammy Awards than any other electronic producer with a staggering 8 wins. Skrillex won his first 3 Grammys in one year, which is an achievement within itself. Skrillex won for the Scary Monsters & Sprites EP in 2012 for best dance recording and album. At the very same award show he won the Grammy for best bemix (Non-Classical) for his remix to “Cinema” by Benny Benassi.

At the 2013 annual Grammy Awards Skrillex came back with a vengeance with another 3 wins. Skrillex released another EP called Bangarang which again won the best dance recording and album. Skrillex won the best non classical remix (again) with his remix to “Promises” by Nero. These 6 Grammy wins for a while had him tied with Daft Punk's award count. Skrillex recently won his latest 2 Grammys for his collaborative project Jack U, where he and Diplo won best dance album and recording for “Where Are Ü Now”. Skrillex has been nominated at the Grammys a total of 10 times, 8 of which he has won. These record breaking moment is historic in dance music and was a must have on the list.

4. Skrillex creates the Full Flex Express Train Tour

Skrillex has gone on plenty of tours and at one point was the heaviest touring artist in dance music. In an interview with izotope Skrillex noted "It was 322 shows in 2011—almost every night"! Though Skrillex will have plenty of more tours, we think the most unique tour he’s done is the Full Flex Express tour. The initial 2012 was inspired by the 1970s train tour of the same name, which headlined with Grateful Dead, the Band, Janis Joplin and Delaney & Bonnie.

The idea of the tour was to play shows across canada via train with artists Skrillex hand selected. The first installment of the Full Flex Express roster included Grimes, Pretty Lights, Diplo, Koan Sound and Tokimonsta. The 2012 tour was supposed to be followed up with another tour in 2013, but was cancelled. During an interview with Pretty Lights during the first tour, he told they were actually losing money on the tour.

The bright side was the train gave the artists the ability to collaborate and have a comfortable ride across Canada. “It was one of the most fun tours ever,” Skrillex said in a phone interview with RedBull.com. “It’s a festival, it’s a show and it’s intimate. You’re not going to have like 10,000 people. It feels special, you don’t really get that at a tour with a massive lineup”. The fact the tour didn’t come back made it iconic in Canada. Check out the 2012 memories below!

The line up was surreal and it wasn’t until 2015 the tour came back in full force. Skrillex took to the train tour again and this time live streamed it to the world. The 2015 version included Jack U, Zeds Dead, ASAP Ferg, Tycho, Hundred Waters, Anna Lunoe and Mija. Check out the return on the iconic tour in full below and you’ll understand why this is one of our favourite Skrillex moments.

5. Skrillex Collaborates with The Doors!

Any fan of The Doors, young or old probably never thought they would hear new music from the band after they officially departed ways in 1973, 2 years after the death of their lead singer and rock icon Jim Morrison. The band had a few reunion tours, but didn’t make new music for 30 years, until a film called Re:GENERATION. The idea of the movie was to hire five popular DJs/producers to work with legendary artists from five separate genres and have them record new music.

This movie made for an interesting film for any fan of music. The 5 chosen producers were DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method. Skrillex was chosen to team up with members of The Doors to create a brand new track that we all now know as “Breaking A Sweat”. Check out the clip below to see Skrillex meeting The Doors for the first time and working on the track.

This is a historic moment for both Doors and Skrillex fans. This may be the biggest collaboration Skrillex has ever done to this date or ever, so we can’t leave it off our list! Check out the final product below.

6. Skrillex joins forces with Boys Noize to form DOG BLOOD

Skrillex surprised the world with a side project he decided to take on with fellow producer Boys Noize in 2012. The collaborative group dubbed “DOG BLOOD” was unique in so many ways. Not only was it the first collaborative project for Skrillex, but the duo created very unique music together. It was very interesting to hear Skrillex collaborated with Boys Noize in any degree because Skrillex uses nothing but a computer to produce music while Boys Noize is strictly analog.

From the summer of 2012 to the fall of 2013 the duo put out 2 EP’s and played select shows and festivals across the globe with their unique sound. People have described their work as techno, acid techno, etc. but I am convinced it is in a league of it’s own. They created a sound that's unlike eachothers, which is why this collaborative project works so well. The group has been on hiatus for a while, but we have a feeling there will be more Dog Blood content in the future.

7. Skrillex releases his first studio album: Recess

4 years after his debut and numerous EP’s later Skrillex released his first studio album “Recess” in March, 2014. The album featured a wide variety of guests such as Alvin Risk, Kill the Noise, Ragga Twins, Fatman Scoop, Michael Angelakos, Chance the Rapper, The Social Experiment, KillaGraham, Sam Dew, Diplo, G-Dragon, CL, Nikki and the Dove and Kid Harpoon. Though the album received mixed reviews, it still was the first studio album by Skrillex which is a huge accomplishment for any artist. Check out the lead single off the album that dominated the summer of 2014 below.

8. Skrillex teams up with Diplo to create JACK Ü

After the surprising announcement Skrillex joined forces with Boys Noize for a collaborative project, it was hard to believe Skrillex created another collaborative project. Though this one made more sense as Skrillex and Diplo have been friends since the beginning of Sonny's electronic career. The name Jack Ü was first talked about during the Mad Decent Block Party lineup in 2013. There was several stops of the Mad Decent Block Party that listed an unknown artist named “Jack U”. Diplo later clarified that Jack Ü is a new collaborative effort. The debut of Jack Ü was in San Diego on September 15, 2013 during a stop on the Black Party Tour. They headlined Ultra Music festival Miami before having any singles out. You can check out their set below.

The duo has since embarked on tour, performed multiple headlining appearances at festivals, played Madison Square garden on New Years and on February 27, 2015, the group released their debut album called Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü. The album went on to win 2 Grammy Awards. In 2015 alone, Jack Ü had over 9.6 million Shazams. They have worked with high profile artists such as Justin Bieber, Kiesza, Missy Elliott, and more. The duo has plans of slowing down as there's plans for another EP or album in 2016 and can’t wait to hear more of their unique sound.

9. Skrillex does Mortal Kombat & Other Games

It’s always awesome to see your favourite music featured in a video game, but it’s even better when games get original soundtracks and scores created. The heavily dance influenced Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors is an album featuring songs inspired by the fighters from the Mortal Kombat video game. The project was lead by JFK of MSTRKRFT/Death from Above 1979, who recruited some high class producers. Features on the album included JFK, Tokimonsta, Congorock, LA Riots, Felix Cartal, Skrillex and many more. Each producer was paired with one iconic character to reinvent that fighters theme music. Skrillex got matched with "Reptile's Theme" and created one of his most popular songs. The track was even used in the trailer for the game.

This wasn’t the last time Skrillex was involved with a game’s music. Skrillex also created the theme for the video game “Syndicate”, which is an underrated track. Take a listen to the theme below!

10. Skrillex + Disney!

This is probably one of the biggest achievement Skrillex has unlocked. Skrillex was asked to make a some music for the OST of Disney’s 2012 movie “Wreck it Ralph”. You can hear the the score playing in the background of the scene below. The track has been called “Bug Hunt”.

The release of the official OST for Wreck It Ralph did not include the track Bug Hunt, but instead featured a remix of the track by Noisia. Bug Hunt was never meant to be a track, but Skrillex has snuck it into his sets. During his 2014 Reddit AMA, Skrillex was pressed by fans to release a full version of “Bug Hunt”. Skrillex agreed, but it’s years later and we are still waiting for the track to see the light of day.

The track is not why this moment made the list, but Bug Hunt is the reason it happened. During a certain scene you may have noticed Skrillex was in the movie. This means he has been immortalized as an animated Pixar character in one of the highest grossing Disney movies of all time. This is a huge feat for anyone and has mentioned it's one of his biggest career highlights. Watch the quick cameo below.

That’s the end of our official list, let us know what we missed and about your favorite Skrillex moments!


11. Skrillex premieres OWSLA Radio Show

Skrillex premiered his very own Radio Show on Beats1 Apple Music called “OWSLA Radio”. The radio show first aired on Saturday January 30th, 2016 and runs every other Saturday at 3:00 PM EST. The show features Skrillex as he hosts with different guests each week. There’s been appearances by Mija, Ghastly, Getter, Diplo, Vic Mensa, What So Not and more already. You’ll get to learn the history of some tracks and some stories as the hosts hangout and talk between a series of hand selected tracks. Fans should expect new music and interesting conversations to take place during the show. You can listen in every 2 weeks on Apple Music or on itunes. Check out an episode of the show below!

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