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Ever Wonder Why Cell Phone Service Is So Bad At Festivals?

Okeechobee Music Festival made it's premier in Florida last weekend, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This might be thanks in part to AT&T installing a cell tower specifically for the event, to ensure adequate voice and data coverage.

Following the event, AT&T revealed that the approximately 30,000 festival attendees used 3.69 terabytes of data over the 3 day festival. That's a pretty massive amount of data over 3 days - according to AT&T that much data is equivalent to 10.5 millions social media posts with photos.

So if you've ever been at a festival and felt like everyone was on their phones all the time (instead of enjoying the music and experience), it's probably not in your head. Aren't music festivals supposed to be a chance to disconnect from the rest of your life, spend time with friends, enjoy nature, and immerse yourself in the experience of music? And it's easy to imagine why service is so bad at events that don't supplement the normal coverage like Okeechobee did, if demand is that high.

Regardless of the crazy amount of cell phone usage, it looked damn fun.

Source: Palm Beach Post

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