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EDM.com Spotlight

CVNT5 Is the Most Epic Troll of Pop EDM We've Ever Seen

Trance producer Gareth Emery has long been outspoken about his feelings towards the hype-drive, pay-to-play scene that can be pervasive in the mainstream EDM world.

Back in 2013, he made a Facebook post describing his experience of being offered very expensive advertising to guarantee that he would stay competitive in the DJ Mag Top 100 list. His response to the situation was serious, heartfelt, and all around classy as fuck.

But now he has decided to take the issue on in a much more satirical way, with the launch of his new spoof side-project with Ashley Wallbridge, called CVNT5. Yes, it's pronounced "Cunts".

Their debut music video follows the two "aspiring EDM stars" from watching porn in their mum's basements, to hiring a ghost producer, to learning how to mime DJing, and fist-pump like superstars. This is probably going to hurt some feelings, but anybody with a sense of humor will find it hilarious.

"Are you sure we don't need any talent at all? Okay, perfect."

Bitching and moaning about these issues gets old - but they are serious issues. We think this is a great way to tackle it, because they address the real problems, but in a way that is creative and entertaining as hell. Check it out below:

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