EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

DIGY Releases Eye-Catching Music Video for Latest Single "Tragedy" ft. KIRSCH

Up-and-comer DIGY has seen a crazy amount of attention for his latest single "Tragedy" ft. KIRSCH - and for good reason too.

The track delivers an uplifting atmosphere sprinkled with decadent vocal hymns and forward-thinking drum patterns, but where most tracks follow the same chord-structure or framework, DIGY's release seems to defy rules and brings an entirely organic feel to its underlying message.

To support his chart-topping new release, he's released a mesmerizing music video that captures the mentally-fogging hypnotism of the track's lyrics and style, depicting a woman projecting her care-free attitude in a vibrant array of colorful environments.

Check out the full video below, hosted exclusively on GreenWeedz:

DIGY's single has received over 1 million plays and a remix package released via Artist Intelligence Agency featuring remixes by INDIGINIS, Craves, NUDE, Memeb, and Toy Box. Check out the remix comp below and buy yourself a copy here.

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