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Diplo Reveals Details About New Jack Ü

During his recent interview with Charlie Rose on CBS, Diplo revealed that new Jack Ü material is just around the corner.

Diplo spent some time with Charlie Rose during his recent trip to Cuba for the historic 400,000 person free Major Lazer show in Havana. They talked about the cross cultural impact of music, the many shows that Diplo has played around the world, and the historic nature of bringing the Major Lazer show to Cuba. But Diplo also dropped some details about new Jack Ü:

"Before I came down to you, I was sitting on my computer editing some new songs for the Jack Ü project, because we want to put something out around Coachella."

The original video that contained this bit of their conversation was taken down - so it seems like this might have been an accidental leak, that wasn't supposed to be made public. But it would make sense that he and Skrillex would be planning to release something ahead of Coachella and summer festival season. Check out more of Diplo's conversation with Charlie Rose below.

Source: Magnetic Mag

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